Creativity + Technology

In an industry so focused on “thinking outside the box”, why does IT and the technical needs of highly creative companies become just an afterthought? With over 10 years of experience, and the flexibility of being independent, I can help where “the big boys” can not, whether it’s non-linear 4k editing workstations, cloud based render farms, or simply setting up a high speed internal network; I can help.

IT Services

I have overseen company wide technology projects, transformed creative workflows, interfaced with Fortune 500 clients, and helped more "normal people" understand techno-speak than I can count. I’ve worn a ton of hats: sales, technical support, graphic design, management, marketing, videography, client services, and barista to name a few (That last one is for added flavor. Pun intended). As a result, I have a unique ability to oversee multi-disciplinary projects, and navigate through the difficulties IT for creatives presents.

Creative Solutions

Serving creative agencies and brands has given me a real world perspective on supporting companies who rely on creative technologies like Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema4D, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Octane and all the unique hardware these applications require.

Apple Trained + Certified

Rest easy in knowing my knowledge and training comes right from the source. Since my departure from "the mothership", I have worked as an in-house IT, at Apple Authorized Service Providers, and as a consultant. I am prepared for any environment.

High ROI

Being independent gives me the freedom to adapt to your needs. The scalability of "being my own boss" ensures you get support you need, without any of the fluff a Managed Service Provider would force upon you, or the added cost of a full time employee.

The Specifics

  • Creative Solutions

    Experience with “Hackintosh” deployments for cost savings and huge ROI

    eGPU + Thunderbolt support for mobile macOS and Windows workstations

    GPU & CPU render farms, designed for motion and 3d graphics

    10GBe tuning experience, critical for non-linear editors, and high speed storage

    Adobe Creative Cloud Admin

    Creative Solutions
  • Training

    I am an Apple Certified Trainer, and trained in Apple stores for several years.

    Experience in teaching: macOS, iOS, POS Systems, and Security Best Practices

    I am able to teach in group sessions for larger enterprises

    Creative Workflow & File Management Training

  • Networking + Internet

    Design and deploy fast WiFi and wired networks

    Implement best practices for 10Gbe Fiber Optic in macOS

    Oversee penetration testing and social engineering

    Automate systems to prevent malware and ransomware

    Utilize technology to better interface and serve your customers

    Networking + Internet
  • macOS + iOS

    New mac deployment

    Mobile Device Management setup and support

    Server setup/integration for remote access

    Security testing + hardening, backup setup + maintenance

    G Suite, Exchange, AD, and OD integration with macOS and iOS

    macOS + iOS
  • Vendor Management

    As an outside resource, I can interface with contractors and vendors without bias

    Your liaison through SaaS solutions, ISP outages, or world wide cyber attacks

    Oversee proposals and quotes, giving you experienced opinions and feedback

    Identify opportunities to consolidate vendors

    Vendor Management
  • Technical + Digital Marketing

    Utilize specific vendors for SEO, SMO, and specialized Creative.

    Translate techno-speak into actionable and marketable layman’s terms.

    Help liaison between the IT needs and Creative needs.

    Oversee A/B testing and engagement metrics for digital campaigns.

    Technical + Digital Marketing