Blair Sammons

Award winning technical manager, engineer, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people transverse the tech-mumbo-jumbo of SaaS management, proactive cyber security, and extracting value from tech. Transformational and adaptable with 15 years of tech experience across various size companies, industries, and positions.

Fanatical about learning, with a deep desire to continually be challenged. Proven track record in managing projects from concept to completion, customer satisfaction, providing robust solutions, coaching team members, and exceeding forecasted goals.

About Me

I have overseen company wide technology projects, transformed creative workflows, interfaced with Fortune 500 clients, and helped more "normal people" understand techno-speak than I can count. I’ve worn a ton of hats: sales, technical support, graphic design, SaaS management, marketing, videography, client services, and barista to name a few (that last one is for added flavor. Pun intended). As a result, I have a unique ability to oversee multi-disciplinary projects, and navigate through the difficulties technology often presents.

Creative Solutions

Serving creative agencies and brands has given me a real world perspective on supporting companies who rely on creative technologies like Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema4D, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Octane and all the unique hardware these applications require.

Apple Trained + Certified

Rest easy in knowing my knowledge comes right from the source. Since my departure from "the mothership", I have worked as an in-house IT, Apple Authorized Service Provider, MSP leader, and as a consultant. I am prepared for any environment, at any scale.

Satisfied Clients

I take pride in ensuring my clients and customers are cared for well, their problems are solved, budgets are adhered to, and timelines are kept. But don't just take my word for it. Here is what some of my clients have said.

Speaking Events

Speaking Events

I have had the privilege to speak at several events and share some thought leadership with peers, clients, and the public. The latest of which was during Altitude 2019 in San Francisco. My talk was titled “Corporate Engineering: the New IT Admin“, where I go through the shifts in Tech Support orgs, our VIP clients, and how we can become more Customer Focused. Video available here, slides here.